24+ years of experience with the love and care of the Bulldog breed.  We breed for health, temperament, and to the Bulldog standard as closey as possible!  We own, breed and raise only quality AKC registered Bulldogs!  We sell our puppies ONLY to approved, loving pet homes with spay or neuter contracts.  On occasion, we will sell to show homes and breeders who are known to us or those who have impeccable references.
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PLEASE BE ADVISED!  We breed for the betterment of the Bulldog breed, concentrating on breeding to the standard set forth for the Breed.  We breed to preserve bloodlines that have proven to produce quality Bulldogs with the least amount of health issues.  We love this breed and will never sell to any party without first meeting a prospective owner in person and making sure they understand the responsibilities of owning a Bulldog.  We DO NOT SHIP, nor sell to anyone "sight unseen"!  However, we will personally hand deliver your puppy to you.
Ocala, Florida
352 - 292 - 2715  or  352 - 680 - 9225
"Bullldogs Of Integrity"