"Quality is not expensive.   It is priceless"!
We have owned, loved and raised Bulldogs for more than 20 years.  We have been extremely careful choosing the males and females for our breeding programs, always researching pedigrees and each individual dog in our pedigrees to ensure we breed for the best of health, temperament and longevity.

We have never or will we ever breed our dogs for profit.  The number one reason for that statement is simply the fact no one makes money selling puppies.   We are employed and do not depend on the sale of puppies as our source of income.  We take every precaution when planning a breeding and all our puppies are products of a very well planned mating between the best male and female we can possibly afford.  Many hours of hard work, dedication, sweat and tears are poured into our love for this breed.  We care for our Bulldogs better than most people care for their own family members.

All our Bulldog adults and puppies receive the utmost in Veterinary medical care, good nutrition, socialization and first and foremost a ton of love!
We Love Bulldogs!

"Bulldogs Of Integrity"
~ About Us ~
Please notice the Bulldog in the upper right hand corner of the sign above.  This is one of our puppies, "Bentley".  His photo will be displayed in all Pets Warehouse stores.  He is also featured in the stores' customer discount cards, simply called "Bentley Bucs".
“If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons. ” ~ James Thurber
FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LOST A BELOVED PET, REGARDLESS OF THE BREED.  Hope these words will offer comfort during your time of grief.

I just wanted to reach out to you.  I have had many loses in my life - friends, family members, pets, etc.  I can tell you the first one was the hardest.  I have met many people who have lost their precious babies (dogs) and have come to me for another - some come immediately.  Some not for months and some not for years.  In my experience, it is best to get a new baby sooner than later.  Now, with that being said, by no means do I suggest trying to replace the one you lost, because that can never be done and should not be tried.  No two dogs are alike, nor will they touch your life in the same way. 

When you feel you are ready, whether you come to Alaco Bulldogs or not, please take this advice!  Do not get the same sex.  Do not look for the same color and/or markings.  Otherwise, you will always be comparing and bringing up the past heartbreaking loss.  The point of moving forward and getting a new baby is to help will the gigantic hole
aching in your heart right now.  A new baby will not make the hurt subside.  It won't make you forget because you do not want to forget.  You just want to remember without the pain of loss hurting so very much!  A new baby will help you heal.  You and your husband are more than welcome to come over to my home anytime, even if it is to just talk.  Or maybe you would just like to sit and hold a puppy.  Remember!  Do not look for a replacement for the puppy you lost.  The one you lost is not replaceable!  Each dog is an individual and will touch your life in very many and very different ways.  I know, trust me.  I just buried 8 Bulldogs over the last month.

Marcia Willette, Alaco Bulldogs

Ocala, Florida
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