"Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished". ~ Dean Koontz
"Bulldogs of Integrity"
"Quality is not cheap and cheap is not quality"!
We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone we feel will not be responsible dog owners and provide our puppies with the best of loving homes for LIFE!

Occasionally, we have puppies for sale.  All inquiries are welcome, however, you MUST BE APPROVED in order to own one of our babies.  We must make sure that every puppy has the very best of love and care for LIFE!  We are here to advise and teach those who want to know more about Bulldog Ownership, so send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you!
Our Policies have changed!  Read the following VERY CAREFULLY!  If you do not understand our policies, contact us so we may explain to you in greater detail!  Thank you!

We, at Alaco Bulldogs, have made the following changes in our pricing and our policies for purchasing puppies.  Due to the economy and the over whelming amount of back yard breeders and puppy mill puppies now available to the open market, we want to assure everyone that our puppies are still of the highest quality and health as possible!  We continue to strive to breed to the Bulldog standard and we back up our puppies 100%!  We desire to make our puppies more attainable to the general public/Bulldog lover.  

All policies regarding deposits remain the same:  Any deposit placed on a particular puppy is Non-Refundable, regardless of the reason!  If the puppy you chose should unexpectedly become ill or die, the deposit will be applied towards the purchase of another puppy.  NO EXECPTIONS!    The new pricing plan took effect beginning in June, 2012.  However, due to the change in our prices, we will no longer offer a discount to multiple puppy purchasers.  New prices are listed below:

Please be informed and understand the prices listed below are based strictly on supply and demand:

$2,500.00  Pet quality.....with papers once proof of spay/neuter has been received by us!

Show/Breeding quality puppies - $3,000.00 (and up) -   Breeding quality puppies have terms such as, but not limited to the following:  All Show/Breeding quality males or females must be bred to studs or bitches that are AKC Champion Grand sired at a minimum, with no history of heart murmurs, entropian, ectropian, hip dysplasis, spina bifida, etc. in their bloodlines.  I require one pick puppy back.  A show/breeding quality puppy can be sold as a pet with limited registration but the price is still $2,500.00, plus.  The puppy will not be sold at a pet quality price!  Shipping is now available, but at buyers cost and buyers liability.  The buyer will be responsible for any loss or injury incurred during shipping/transporting a puppy.  Thank you for your interest in Alaco Bulldogs.

You may be pleased to know that we now accept major credit cards and PayPal!  There will be an addidional $60.00 processing fee for all credit charges.  We hope adding this new method of payment will be beneficial to all.  Thanks again!



Marcia Willette

Ocala, FL. ~ 352-680-9225 or 352- 292-2715

Please copy the questionnaire below and paste it in an e-mail.  Answer the questions as honestly and fully as you can.  Send your e-mail to Alacobulldogs@yahoo.com   Thank you!  We look forward to hearing from you.

As a genuine lover and ethical breeder of the Bulldog, it is my responsibility to make sure any puppy that I have bred will be placed in the most appropriate, loving, forever home.  I ask that you please complete the questionnaire below to give me a clear idea of you, your family, your lifestyle and how a Bulldog puppy will fit into your environment.  I would appreciate it if you would include as much detail as you possibly can.  Any unanswered questions will not automatically disqualify you.  However, the more information you supply will make my duties, as a breeder, much easier to match the best puppy to you, your family and your home.

Some of the questions below may be considered “highly personal”.  Please rest assured, that any information you provide by completing this questionnaire is kept strictly confidential!  No one but Alaco Bulldogs will have access to see the results of this questionnaire.  We do not share any information with other people or sources!  Once you have finished the questionnaire, please return it to me as an attachment to an e-mail and send it to: AlacoBulldogs@yahoo.com  You may also mail your completed application to us.  Contact us by telephone to get our physical mailing address.  

Please tell us how to get in touch with you:  Name_________________________________________



What is the best time to contact you by phone______________________________________________

Country____________If you live outside the Continental United States, please explain why you desire to purchase a puppy from us____________________________________________________________

Occupation__________________Employer/Company/Business name__________________________

Employer/Company/Business Telephone_________________________________________________

Marital Status:  Married___ Single ___ Engaged___ Separated___ Divorced___ Single Parent____


How did you learn about Alaco Bulldogs?  Our Website?____Internet Search?____ (if Internet ad, please tell us which of our ads was most helpful to you______________________________________

Referral from a friend or family member______ Other_______________________________________

Does anyone in your family have allergies?  No____  Yes____

If yes, please specify__________________________________________________________________

Have you ever owned a dog or dogs?  No____ Yes____

If YES, what breed(s) and how long ago?_________________________________________________

Do you still have the dog(s)?  No____ Yes____

If you no longer have the dog(s), why not?  Please be specific: ________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever had to have a dog euthanized?  No____  Yes____  If YES, please explain why: __________________________________________________________________________________

Where did you get your previous or current dog(s)?  Please check all that apply:  Breeder____ Gift___

Breed rescue____ Local shelter____ Stray____ Pet Store____

What attracted you most to the Bulldog breed?  Why do you want to own a Bulldog?  Please be specific and use as much space as you like: _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Currently, Bulldogs have 39 known health issues, some of which can be life threatening.  Have you read or researched the Bulldog breed to be familiar with the extreme care and high maintenance required to properly care for the Bulldog?  No____  Yes____

If NO, would you be willing to study about the breed, ask questions of breeders and Veterinarians?  Would you purchase Bulldog breed books and research the breed more thoroughly?  No___ Yes___

If you answered NO to the above questions, YOU MAY STOP FILLING OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE AND PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM TO US.  If you answered YES, please continue with the questions:

In order to protect the future quality of the Bulldog breed and bloodlines, most reputable breeders only sell “Pet Quality” puppies with a non-breeding contract with limited AKC registration and require new owners to have their pet puppy spayed or neutered at the appropriate age as suggested by the breeder.  Are you willing to sign such agreements or contracts?  Yes____ No____ If NO, please explain:


If you are approved for the purchase of one of our puppies, please tell us what sleeping arrangements you will make for your new puppy during the day and evening.  Will the puppy have regular contact with you and/or your family in the evening only or during the day only?  Will you be able to provide around the clock socialization with your puppy?  Please explain: ______________________________


Who will be the primary care giver for the puppy? _________________________________________

Will anyone be at home during the day?  No____  Yes____

How many hours, on average, will the puppy be left alone?___________________________________

Will there be someone available to feed, water and exercise the puppy during the day?  No____ Yes___

Will the new puppy be welcomed as a part of ALL your family members?_______________________

When taking trips/vacations, etc., will the puppy go with you or where will you house the puppy during your absence?_________________________________________________________________

Do you believe in crate training?  No___ Yes___ If No, why not? _____________________________


Have you ever owned a dog that did not turn out as you expected? No___  Yes___ What did you do with the dog if or when you decided it was impossible to keep it?______________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

What kind of floor surfaces will the puppy be on inside your home? Wood___ Vinyl____ Tile____ Laminate____ Carpet____ Combination of wood and  tile____ Combination of wood and carpet____ All of the above____  Other____________________________________________________________

Do you have a fenced yard?  No____  Yes____ Do you have a fenced area of your yard?  No____ Yes___  If you do not have a fenced yard or fenced area of your yard, would you be willing to install some type of safe fencing so your new puppy will have a safe and comfortable area for outside bathroom duties?  No____  Yes____  If no, why not?________________________________________  Do you know how to “puppy proof” inside your home and outside in your yard for your new puppy?  No____ Yes____

What do you expect the activity level of your new Bulldog puppy to be?  Very high____ High____

Moderate____ Below average____

Have you ever house broken a puppy before?  No____ Yes____  Did you achieve positive results?

No____ Yes____
Do you own your home?  No____ Yes____  Do you rent your home?  No____ Yes____ 

Do you rent a condo or apartment?  No____ Yes____  How long have you lived at your

current address?__________

If you have a rental agreement, you must provide us with your landlord’s name, address

and phone number so we can be sure your landlord will approve of your ownership of a

Bulldog puppy.  Please provide that information below:__________________________________________________________________

How long have you been employed by your current employer?____________________

How long did your last pet live?  What were the circumstances of his or her death?


Have you ever returned a pet to the pet’s breeder?  If so, what were the circumstances?


Have you ever given your pet away?  If so, what were the circumstances?___________


Have you ever relinquished your pet to a pound, shelter or rescue organization?  If so,

what were the circumstances_______________________________________________

Do you have children? No____ Yes____  If so, what are their ages?________________

If you do not have children now, do you plan to start a family in the future?  No____

Yes____ Not Sure____

When traveling by car, how will your puppy be contained? _______________________

Do you currently have a licensed Veterinarian?  No____ Yes____  Do you know if your

Veterinarian is experienced with the Bulldog breed?  If you do have a Veterinarian, please

provide his/her name, name of the clinic/hospital and telephone number.  May I contact

your Veterinarian for a reference?




Do ALL family members, including your spouse, the children, Grandmom, Grand Dad and

all the In-laws share your desire to own a Bulldog puppy?  No____  Yes____ Not sure___

What gender do you prefer?  Male____ Female____ Not sure____ Does not matter____

Explain your choice of gender_________________________________________________

Please remember:  We do not sell breeding quality Bulldogs.  Occasionally, we might sell

a male with stud dog breeding rights, but we never sell a female for breeding purposes to

someone unknown to us.  If the sex you prefer is not available, will you accept a puppy of

the opposite sex?  Or do you prefer to wait for our next litter of puppies?  No____ Yes___

Not sure____  I will wait____

Do you have a color preference?  No____  Yes____ Not Sure____  Our color choices are

listed below:  Red Brindle____ All other brindles____ Solid White____ Solid Red, Fawn or

Fallow____ Piebald___

Please understand that although you may see many Bulldogs available in a variety of colors

that are often times deemed “Rare” or “Exotic”, we DO NOT breed to produce these colors

such as chocolate, Black and white, Tri-Color, Solid black, solid chocolate, solid Blue, Blue

and white, Lilac, or any other color other than the colors clearly stated in the standards of

the American Kennel Club and Bulldog Club Of America.

If you have other questions or concerns, please include them here:____________________


Thank you!  We look forward to assisting you in your selection of a quality Bulldog puppy!

Marcia Willettte
Girl - deposit to hold
Boy - Available
Boy - Available
Please scroll down to view our prospective buyer's questionnaire.  You must fill this out and e-mail to us before you can purchase a puppy.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding our guidelines for purchase.  Marcia Willette
Ocala, Florida
352 - 680 - 9225  or  352 - 292 - 2715