C.F., Tampa, FL writes:  Hey.  Just wanted to send you a quick update on how Swag is doing.  He is a hilarious puppy  LOL really loving a licking your face one minute and teething the next.  LOL  I'm purchasing pet insurance for  him and he has his shot appointment on Saturday.  He's starting puppy classes on Monday as well.  I'm absolutely in love with him and Swag has made an incredible addition to my home.  It's made me a little bit more responsible as well which I really like.  Last week I stayed home from work 5 nights and stayed in with him.  I got him a collar to wear around the house that says his name in Swarovski crystals.  LOL  He bites at it so it was probably a horrible idea getting that.  I sent you about 20 pictures earlier of him around my condo.  Please let me know if you got them.  Thanks so much again for putting him in my life!  I'm going to recommend you to all of my friends!
R.R., Ocala, FL writes:  I have never been privleged to know any dog breeder with such compassion, such devotion, such heart as you my friend.  I am so grateful to know that you give these dogs the best that they can have from day 1....actually, even before day 1!  The Vet can only do so much, but mommies like you are the ones that just have everything it takes from the heart and soul.
M. B., Florida writes:  My wife and I found our first two "Kids" at Alaco Bulldogs.  Bella and Vinnie are awesome dogs who have been very healthy and energetic.  Marcia provides her wisdom and advice anytime someone in the Alaco Bulldog family needs it.  If you are looking for an English Bulldog then Alaco Bulldogs should be your only stop!
K. J., Ocala, FL:  I have been a Bulldog lover for as long as I can remember.  I was lucky enough to have one of my Bully Babies for over 12 years.  After losing him, I was devastated and after the loss and heartache I said I wasn't going to get another.  My friends encouraged me to get another and I called Alaco Bulldogs.  It was fate.  I called Marcia and she told me they just had two litters and told me to come on over.  I knew Bulldogs were expensive and didn't think I could afford one, but I fell in love instantly (with them all).  Marcia told me she would accept payments and we worked it out so I could get my new baby, Oliver (aka Ollie Doodle Bug).  After almost 3 years I have a happy healthy boy.  He is so different from my last one but his personality and disposition are the best.  I not only got a new baby but a new family, Marcia and Mark.  When you get a Bulldog from Marcia and Mark, you become part of a family, an Alaco family.  They have a true love and passion for the breed and the people who buy their Bullies.

If you are looking to buy a Bulldog, you can't go wrong with Marcia and Mark (Alaco Bulldogs).  They don't breed to make money.  They breed because they truly LOVE Bulldogs and to better the breed.  My two previous Bulldogs had SO many health problems and after almost 3 years, my little Ollie Doodle has had NO medical issues at all.  You will get a Bulldog that was loved and nurtured from the minute he/she was born and was born to make someone's life better and happier.
Dr. Maddox - Florida:  I lost my Bulldog of 12 years in July and via Facebook was put in touch with Marcia by a friend who saw my pain from my loss.  I had considered an older dog as I didn't want to go through the puppy routine again at this point.  However, Marcia's last litter was ready for sale and she shared so much about her dogs and their health and temperament, etc. that I was convinced I needed the love of a puppy again to heal.  I loved the fact that she had her business online, with pictures of her lineages which clearly showed a very experienced caring breeder.  I also loved that she had her contracts and everything out in the open for review so there were no surprises.   The fact that she would work with me on a payment plan also helped.  Marcia had a Facebook group set up just for her Bulldog owners and there was so much sharing going on, I immediately felt like family.  I chose my little guy from her litter, set a date to meet/pickup and was amazed at how beautiful and healthy he was.  I would highly recommend Marcia and Alaco Bulldogs to anyone wanting to be a part of a great "family" atmosphere in raising a new puppy or even a choice from her retired dogs.  You will be pleased to be a part of this "forever family"!
J. W. - Florida:  "I met Marcia in July of 1997.  I responded to an ad she had placed about English Bulldogs for sale.  When I called she asked me what I knew about the breed and I said not much.  She told me to do some research and gave me the name of a few books to go look for and to call back in a few days.  So I did and learned alot of interesting things about Bulldogs.  I called back and she started asking me questions and of course, I could anser then because I did do my "homework".  I guess she was pleased because she said that I could come and meet her and the pups.  I did and fell in love with a male.  They were only 3 weeks old so I couldn't take him home yet.  I went back every week to see him.  When I did finally bring him home, she was just a phone call away to answer all my questions.  "Brutus" was a very healthy Bulldog that lived to be 11  years and 10 months old.  He passed in April of 2009 and I miss him EVERY day"! 
K. S.:  I am writing to give high praise to this breeder, Alaco Bulldogs.  She actually drove from Florida to Pennsylvania to deliver my baby.  She is always there to answer your questions.  My Mia is so healthy and beautiful.  I would definitely recommend Alaco Bulldogs for your Bulldog purchase!!!  They are the best by far!!!
L. DiR.:  I had the pleasure of meeting Marcia Willette when I purchased my lil female, Snooki.  She was so nice and explained everything to me.  I just love how she's at everyone's beck and call, when we need her help or advice.  She has the most wonderful dogs I've ever seen, so good that I purchased another from her and I now have a total of 4 Bulldogs.  She is right when she says they are like potato chips....you can't just have one.  I appreciate her payment plan because if it wasn't for that I could not have had one of her delightful babies and for that I thank Marcia to the moon and back.  I foresee us remaining friends and getting more Bullies later on.  Thank you for every thing, Marcia.
V. V.:  I am the proud owner of "Muscles", my first English Bulldog!  Thanks to Marcia.  I have learned so much from her and her litters are always healthy and not breeder stands by her word the way Marcia does.  She doesn't do this for money......she does this out of pure love for the breed.  I am so thankful she came into my life and brought the bundle of joy I call the love of my life.  I would never buy from another breeder.  She truly is perfect.  Thank you, Marcia, for filling my life with a love like no other!
K. C.: Congratulations to all the new owners. Our family has had 4 Alaco Bulldogs from Marcia. They are the best!!!!! Enjoy your new babies!!!!
C. F., Tampa, FL. Thank you sooooo much Marcia Willette! My second Bulldog from you and yet again I got a perfect match! So in love with this little guy.
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